I-35 Central and Bypass Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL)

Project ID (CSJ):  0915-12-522


In 2011, the My35 Citizen Committees recommended improving the existing north-south routes along I-35 in the San Antonio area. The recommendations included:

•  Improving the I-35 intersections at
    Loop 1604 and I-410
•  Loop 1604 improvements
•  Using new technologies to inform
    motorists of delays and alternate routes

TxDOT is using the citizen committees’ recommendations to study how to improve travel through San Antonio. Two studies, known as the I-35 Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) studies, are looking at how to make better use of I-410 and I-10 as an alternative to the heavily congested I-35 in central San Antonio and also looking at potential improvements and alternatives to I-35 through downtown.

Using information and community input from the I-35 PEL studies, TxDOT will advance specific projects and improvements as funding becomes available.

Need & Purpose
  • Need:  Increased truck traffic along the I-35 corridor coupled with regional population growth in Texas has created travel demand that exceeds its current capacity. The existing I-35 facility through Central Texas is an essential element of the local and regional transportation system.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the project is to explore alternative routes to I-35 Central in an effort to improve regional mobility
End Result
This project will explore how to improve travel through San Antonio by:
  • Conducting an I-35 Central PEL study
  • Determining current use from I-37 to U.S. 90
  • Determining transportation needs and challenges for I-35 in this area
  • Conducting an I-35 Bypass PEL study
  • Determining current use of I-410 south from U.S. 90 to SH 130 and also use of Loop 1604
  • Determining viable alternative routes to I-35
  • Funding is not available at this time
  • To be determined


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Laura Lopez
Public Information Officer

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