I-35 from Rundberg Lane to US 290 East


This project includes mainlane and frontage road reconstruction and the addition of three new direct connectors, or flyovers, at US 183. The project, which improves connectivity between I-35 and US 183, also includes reconstruction of the St. Johns Avenue bridge, the addition of frontage road U-turns on both sides, collector-distributor roads–or intersection bypass lanes–under St. Johns Avenue in both directions, auxiliary lanes–or extended entrance/exit lanes–and ramp and shoulder improvements.

Need & Purpose
  • Improve safety and mobility, including addressing:
    • Connectivity between I-35 and US 183
    • Lane merging/weaving on both northbound and southbound mainlanes
    • Operations at the I-35 and US 183 frontage road intersections
    • Operations of the existing I-35 northbound to US 183 northbound flyover
Project Description
  • Add three flyovers at the I-35/US 183 interchange from:
    • I-35 southbound to US 183 southbound
    • US 183 northbound to I-35 northbound
    • I-35 southbound to US 183 northbound
  • Improve the existing I-35 northbound to US 183 northbound flyover
  • Rebuild St. Johns Avenue bridge
    • Construct new frontage road U-turn in both directions
    • Construct new intersection bypass lane under the St. Johns bridge in both directions
  • Add extended entrance/exit ramps
  • Reconfigure and improve ramps and shoulders
  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian accommodations
  • Project development funded by TxDOT
  • Construction funded by Texas Clear Lanes Congestion Relief Initiative
  • Construction cost estimate: $124.2 million
  • Finalized schematic and environmental documentation: August 2016
  • Begin Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E): March 2016
  • Complete PS&E: summer 2017
  • Construction letting: fall 2017
  • Construction start: early 2018
  • Construction completion: anticipated mid-2021
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Project Vicinity Map

I-35 from Rundberg Lane to US 290 east


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