Planning and Environmental Linkages Study from SH 45 North to SH 45 Southeast


A planning and environmental linkages (PEL) study, which is a type of environmental study, was used to determine the purpose and need, lane type alternative/mode choice and segments of independent utility for the I-35 future transportation corridor between SH 45N and SH 45SE. The PEL study is complete and TxDOT is conducting further concept development for each of the three segments identified.

Need & Purpose
  • Define purpose and need for an additional travel lane in each direction on I-35
    • Need:
      • Current congestion levels are causing inefficient operations
      • Travel times will increase as population and employment grow
      • Congestion-related delays prevent efficient use of I-35 by transit, emergency responders and other motorists
    • Purpose:
      • Improve operational efficiency and manage congestion
      • Provide more reliable travel times
      • Create a more dependable and consistent route for transit, emergency responders and other motorists
  • Determine the lane type alternative/mode choice
  • Determine segments of independent utility (segments that have benefit and can be constructed as stand-alone projects)
Project Description
  • The goal of the PEL study was to recommend projects for inclusion in the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, if applicable
  • Funding for the study was provided by TxDOT, city of Austin and the state of Texas (Rider 42 funds)
  • Study start: June 2014
  • Public open houses: June 2014, September 2014, November 2014
  • Study completion: August 2015

Project Vicinity Map

SH 45 N to SH 45 SE


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