I-35 at SH 29


The proposed project includes mainlane and frontage road improvements, intersection bypass lanes, replacing and widening the SH 29 bridge, and bike and pedestrian improvements.

Need & Purpose
  • Improve safety and mobility to:
    • Improve traffic flow due to a high volume of left-turning traffic
    • Accommodate turning movements onto and from SH 29
    • Eliminate the need for left-turn bays and left-turn signal phases
    • Minimize the number of potential conflicts between through traffic and left-turn traffic
Project Description
  • Mainlane and frontage road improvements
  • Intersection bypass lanes
  • Replacing and widening the SH 29 bridge
  • Bicycle and pedestrian improvements
  • Traditional development by TxDOT
  • Construction cost estimate: $25.2 million

Project Vicinity Map

I-35 at SH 29


Public Information Officer

TxDOT Austin District
P.O. Box 15426
Austin, TX 78761-5426

(512) 832-7000