I-35 from US 79 to SH 45 North (Southbound)


The project includes constructing an auxiliary lane to remove merging conflicts on the I-35 southbound mainlanes between RM 620 and Hesters Crossing. The proposed southbound auxiliary lane extending from the US 79 entrance ramp to the SH 45N exit ramp will eliminate a forced merge. The existing southbound auxiliary lane from the RM 620 entrance ramp to the Hesters Crossing exit ramp will remain. There will be no construction on the frontage roads or changes to ramp locations.

Need & Purpose
  • Improve safety and mobility by eliminating the US 79 entrance ramp forced merge and adding an auxiliary lane
Project Description
  • Shift centerline median barrier and mainlane striping to the east to accommodate proposed auxiliary lane
  • Project development funded by TxDOT
  • Construction unfunded
  • Construction cost: $5 million
  • Begin plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E): March 2019
  • Complete PS&E: anticipated early 2020
  • Construction letting: anticipated late 2020
  • Construction start: anticipated late 2020
  • Construction completion: anticipated late 2021

Project Vicinity Map

I-35 from US 79 to SH 45 North (Southbound)


Public Information Officer

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