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I-35 Expansion - Brazos River Bridges

Project ID (CSJ)

  • 0015-01-225


Two new bridges will provide access road crossings over the Brazos River. This is the first time bridges of this kind will be built in Texas - a combination cable-stay and girder construction. The style was chosen in cooperation with city leaders, as a modern reference to a historic suspension bridge crossing the river near downtown Waco.


The I-35 corridor is an important route for intrastate, interstate, and international commerce, resulting in heavy use by commuters, freight trucks, and business travelers. Increased truck traffic coupled with regional population growth in Texas has created travel demand along I-35 that exceeds its current capacity. The existing I-35 facility through Central Texas is an essential element of the local and regional transportation system. Within the project limits, I-35 serves multiple purposes. It functions as an interstate providing north-south regional access, but also represents a key component of the roadway network for local trips within and between Waco, Hillsboro, Salado and beyond.


New acccess road lanes will provide additional access accross the Brazos River, decreasing congestion on the mainlanes and providing a safe route across the river in the event of crashes or other conditions causing a blockage of the mainlanes.

End Result

This project will address congestion while improving safety at this I-35 location by:

  • New access road lanes will be created providing two lanes in each direction for travel across the bridge, along with an auxiliary lane for traffic entering and exiting the bridges. The new bridge will also feature bike and pedestrian friendly elements such as sidwalks and walk-out observation decks.


  • Construction Cost Estimate: $43 million


  • Construction complete

Project Vicinity Map

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