I-35 Waco Project 4A - Waco Access Roads

Project ID (CSJ): 0015-01-229


Project 4A is adding two-lane, one-way access roads alongside I-35, both northbound and southbound, over the UPRR railroad crossing for approximately 1.1 miles, from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Business 77 (BU 77), along with a new wider bridge across the highway at Forrest Street, and adding new U-turn bridges in each direction.

Need & Purpose
  • Need: Increased truck traffic along the I-35 corridor coupled with regional population growth in Texas has created travel demand that exceeds its current capacity. The existing I-35 facility through Central Texas is an essential element of the local and regional transportation system.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the project is to meet local and regional travel demands by increasing capacity; upgrading the transportation infrastructure to meet current FHWA and TxDOT design standards for interstates, bridges, and frontage roads; thereby improving the safety of travelers along I-35.
End Result

This project will address congestion while improving safety at this I-35 location by:

  • Rebuilding access roads from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to BU 77 and making them continuous.
  • Replacing existing the Forrest Street bridge with wider lanes and improved safety elements, including sidewalks and new U-turn bridges.
  • Construction Cost Estimate: $27 million
  • Construction Completion: estimated end of 2018

Project Vicinity Map


Jodi Wheatley
Public Information Officer

TxDOT Waco District
100 S. Loop Dr.
Waco, TX 76704-2858

(254) 867-2836