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February 2013
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Future Events Being Planned

We're now scheduling evening project-update meetings for the communities along I-35. If you'd like to have one in your area, call us and we'd be glad to get it set up for you.

Feb. 17-19: Texas Transportation Forum

Hilton Hotel
Austin, Texas

Feb. 25: Safety Summit

1:30 p.m.

Feb. 28: West Community Project Update

5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.
West High School
West, Texas | Directions

Apr. 18: Presentation to the Greater Waco Hotel and Lodging Association

11:30 a.m.
Location TBA

Apr. 26: Presentation to the Past Presidents Club of the City Federation of Women's Clubs

9:30 a.m.
City Federation Clubhouse
219 King Circle
Temple, Texas | Directions

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Aware, Awake, Alert: TxDOT Deploys Rumble Strips for I-35 Work Zones

Though TxDOT has deployed a number of high-tech solutions to improve safety during the reconstruction of I-35, the agency is turning to a more traditional tool for grabbing your attention. Rumble strips will soon be used to help make I-35 construction work zones safer. | Read More

TxDOT Coordinates I-35 Team to Keep Travelers Safe

On Oct. 29, 2012, TxDOT and the Texas Department of Public Safety held a Safety Summit to discuss traffic safety issues related to the widening of I-35 through Central Texas. One outcome of the summit was the decision to hold monthly safety summits with representatives from TxDOT, contractors conducting the construction along I-35, and state and local law-enforcement personnel from the Waco District. Every fourth Monday of the month, this group will come together to discuss new safety tools, strategies and initiatives to reduce the potential for incidents while construction is going on. | Read More

TRB Poster Session Highlights I-35 Model Outreach Effort

It's common, even required at stages to engage the public during the planning and development of a transportation project. But to continue that effort throughout the construction phase is rare. TxDOT's I-35 Mobility Initiative lets motorists and business owners along the interstate know what improvements are coming, what the impacts will be during construction, and what can be done to mitigate delay and access issues. Keeping the public informed is one way to help lessen the negative impact of the construction project as it occurs. | Read More

Construction updates

Section 1B: SALADO (FM 2843 to FM 2484)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

Lane Closures
  • The frontage road on the east side of I-35 has been converted to one-way northbound from Thomas Arnold Rd. to N. Main St. as crews reconstruct the roadway in this area. Additionally, during the construction work, the access road will be closed (one lane at a time) as it is rebuilt. One-way operation will be permanent, except for a short period in early 2013, when the stretch from Thomas Arnold Rd. to Van Bibber Rd. will be temporarily converted to 2-way for the next phase of construction.
  • The northbound exit ramp #284 to Thomas Arnold Road has been permanently closed.
  • The left lane is closed on the I-35 southbound frontage road from FM 2268 to FM 2843. This is a long-term closure.
  • Installed concrete pavement on the northbound frontage road south of FM 2268.
  • Installed the bridge deck on the northbound frontage road north of FM 2268.
Down the road
  • Continue construction on the FM 2484 structure.
  • Continue work on the northbound frontage road from FM 2268 to North Main St.
  • Demolish the existing northbound mainlane and frontage road bridges.
  • Continue excavation and wall construction under the northbound frontage road for the Main Street connection (the big hole).
  • Continue construction on the southbound frontage road at FM 2268 and to the south.

Section 1C: Salado to belton (FM 2484 to us 190/fm 436)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Began installing high-mast illumination poles and light fixtures at the US 190/I-35 intersection.
Down the Road
  • Pour the bridge deck for Loop 121.
  • Construct the southbound mainlane and frontage road from FM 436 to Loop 121.
  • Continue paving the northbound mainlanes from Amity to Tahuaya Rd.
  • Continue installation of illumination poles.
  • Continue wall construction at various locations.
  • Continue construction of the northbound frontage road from Tahuaya Rd. to Loop 121.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed paving of Old Waco Rd. (Old US 81) and switched traffic to new pavement.
Down the Road
  • Continue constructing a detour for northbound frontage road construction.
  • Convert the eastside (northbound) frontage road from two-way to one-way from Berger Rd. to FM 935.
  • Continue excavating and building the embankment on the south end of the project (near Temple).
  • Continue work on the Little Elm Creek southbound frontage-road bridge.
  • Continue work on the detour pavement between the northbound and southbound mainlanes at the south end of the project.
  • Continue work on the new underpass crossing bridge south of Troy.
  • Begin paving the southbound frontage road.Complete installation of the retaining wall near new underpass bridge south of Troy.

Section 3A-2: TROY to bruceville-eddy (N. TROY CITY LIMIT to woodlawn rd.)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

lane closures
  • Until fall 2013, the southbound frontage road will be closed from Roberts Cemetery to Big Elm Rd. This will allow the demolition and rebuilding of the new frontage road and bridge over Big Elm Creek. Frontage-road traffic traveling south from Big Elm Rd. will have to enter the freeway, except for local traffic only, south of Big Elm Creek. A temporary turnaround has been constructed near Roberts Cemetery.
  • Paved the southbound frontage road from Big Elm Rd. to CR 499.
  • Installed the approach slabs at Big Elm Creek bridge.
  • Completed the road base from Hillside Dr. to Old Blevins Rd.
  • Began the construction of the I-35 mainlane detour.
Down the Road
  • Install pavement from Deer Creek to Old Blevins Rd.
  • Place base from Old Blevins Rd. to FM 107.
  • Demolish the Old Blevins Rd. bridge.
  • Continue utility relocations.
  • Excavation and embankment for the new northbound frontage road from FM 107 to the railroad crossing in Bruceville-Eddy.
  • Continue constructing the I-35 mainlane detour.
  • Continue constructing the southbound frontage road between Big Elm Creek and FM 107.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Northbound frontage road switched to one way from N. FM 2837 to Moonlight Dr.
  • Poured the bridge deck on the northbound frontage road at N. Cow Bayou. 
  • Completed setting of the precast concrete beams on the approach end (Spring Valley side) of the flyover.
  • Completed placement of the steel girders at the FM 2113 flyover.
Down the Road
  • Continue relocating utilities.
  • Continue installing pavement for the new northbound frontage road from S. Old Bruceville Rd. to FM 2837 and from FM 3148 (Moonlight Dr.) to FM 2063/Sun Valley Rd.
  • Set beams for N. FM 2837 underpasses (this work will require full mainlane closures).
  • Complete construction of the embankment, retaining wall, and pavement for the FM 2113 flyover.
  • Continue work on the temporary retaining wall and detour at the FM 1695/Moonlight Dr. underpass.
  • Pour the N. FM 2837 bridge column cap in the center median.
  • Complete demolition of the old southbound frontage roads from FM 1695/Moonlight Dr. to N. FM 2837; begin work on the new southbound mainlanes.
  • Pour the bridge deck and rail on FM 2113 flyover. 
  • Pour the bridge deck on S. FM 2837.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

lane closures
  • Access roads and turnarounds under I-35 on both sides of the river are closed.
  • Access to Buzzard Billy's restaurant has been moved to the east side of I-35 until a detour on the west side is completed.
  • The sidewalk crossing under I-35 on the south side of the Brazos River is closed as construction in the river continues.
Down the Road
  • Continue construction of the southbound bridge pylons (columns extending above the water line).
  • Continue northbound frontage-road bridge foundations.
  • Complete construction of the temporary driveway for outbound traffic from Buzzard Billy's through the back of the Oncor property to MLK.
  • Continue relocating telecommunications along University Parks, from Ross Ave. (on the west side of I-35) to Dutton St. (on the east side).
  • Continue the relocation of utilities (sewer, water, telecommunications).
  • Continue stabilizing ground and placing box culverts.
  • Complete construction of retaining walls for Buzzard Billy's new driveway.
  • Continue construction of the retaining walls in southeast, southwest, and northwest quadrants.

Section 5A: WACO TO WEST (N. LOOP 340 TO FM 1858)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

Lane Closures
  • The Wiggins Rd. crossover is closed for demolition and is expected to be closed for 12-18 months. Tours Rd. (next crossing to the south) and Tokio Rd. (next crossing to the north) are open.
  • Main St. in Elm Mott is permanently closed to through traffic at the southbound frontage road.
  • The Hilltop Rd. bridge is closed for the intersection/bridge reconstruction. The segment of the southbound frontage road from Meadowlawn Rd. to Hilltop will be permanently converted to one way. This closure is expected to last for 12-18 months, and completion of the reconstruction is anticipated in late 2013 or early 2014. Crossings at FM 308 to the south and Ross Rd. to the north will be open.
  • The exit and entrance ramps to/from Wiggins will be closed until the new northbound mainlanes are completed.
  • Completed striping for BUS 77.
  • Switched southbound mainlane traffic to completed concrete pavement north of FM 308.
  • Completed work on the northbound frontage road between Tours Rd. and FM 1858/Tokio Rd.
Down the Road
  • Shift southbound mainlane traffic to permanent pavement north of Hilltop Rd. (This shift will open the southbound exit to FM 308.)
  • Begin construction for the northbound frontage road intersection on the west side of Hilltop Rd.
  • Begin construction for the northbound frontage road intersection on the east side of Wiggins Rd.
  • Switch cross-traffic on the FM 1858/Tokio Rd. intersection to the new bridge and demolish the old bridge.
  • Continue installing permanent signs from BUS 77 to Loop 340. (Once permanent signs are in place at the BUS 77, Craven, and Meyers intersections, these intersections will change from four-way stops to two-way stops. The frontage road traffic will not stop.)
  • Continue work on the southbound frontage road between Ross Rd. and Hilltop St.
  • Continue work on the southbound mainlanes between Hilltop St. and BUS 77.
  • Continue work on the retaining walls at FM 1858/Tokio Rd.

Section 5B: WEST TO ABBOTT (FM 1858/TOKIO RD. TO FM 1304)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

Lane closures
  • The southbound exit 354 (the Marable St. exit) will be closed beginning Monday, January 21, and will remain closed during the construction of this portion of the southbound frontage road until a new exit is built. A message sign will notify the traveling public of the closure.
  • The southbound exit ramp to County Line Rd. has been closed and a temporary ramp opened. Traffic on the southbound frontage road will be detoured around the existing County Line Rd. crossing until the new frontage road is built, possibly as late as summer 2013.
  • Began installing the retaining wall for the southwest corner of the FM 2114 overpass.
  • Began installing concrete pavement for the new northbound frontage roads from FM 1242 northward.
  • Began pouring concrete pavement at the HCR 3102 intersection.
  • Completed the concrete approach slabs and pavement leading up to the County Line Rd. overpass.
  • Completed pouring concrete pavement for the center mainlanes from just north of FM 1242 to FM 1304.
Down the Road
  • Continue construction on the southwest corner of the FM 2114 overpass.  
  • Continue paving the new northbound frontage roads from FM 1242 northward.
  • Continue paving the southbound frontage road and the northbound intersection at FM 1242.
  • Continue paving the west side of the Marable St. intersections and the HCR 3102 intersection.
  • Continue building the new northbound mainlanes between County Line Rd. and FM 1242.
  • Pour concrete for the center mainlane pavement just south of the FM 1242 overpass.
  • Move traffic onto the new southbound frontage road between FM 1242 and County Line Rd. \
  • Begin paving the southbound frontage road from Marable St.
  • Build detours for the frontage roads at the FM 1242 intersection and begin removing the existing frontage roads.
  • Demolish the existing County Line Rd overpass and move traffic onto the new overpass.
  • Seed and stabilize new ditches throughout the project.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed installation of the DMS signs over northbound and southbound mainlanes.
Down the Road
  • Begin installing permanent erosion control devices.


Note: The expected completion date has been pushed back indefinitely at this time. A subcontractor has to be replaced before the detail work can be completed.

  • Began placing top soil.
Down the Road
  • Finish sidewalks on the southbound side. Continue installing sidewalks on the northbound side.
  • Finish placing top soil.
  • Finish remaining wall and roofs (northbound).
  • Continue detailed work including tiles, paint, mechanical, electrical and lighting, and plumbing.
  • Continue researching local features for interior exhibits.