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October 2016
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Future Events Being Planned

We're now scheduling evening project-update meetings for the communities along I-35. If you'd like to have one in your area, call us and we'd be glad to get it set up for you.

October 16: Help Plant Monarch Butterfly Waystations

8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Southbound Safety Rest Area, Hill County

October 24: I-35 Incident Review Safety Meeting

1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Waco District Office

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San Antonio Man Wins “Be Safe, Drive Smart” Contest

If you stopped at a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) rest area or travel information center in July, you may have participated in TxDOT’s “Be Safe, Drive Smart” car giveaway contest. Travelers had the opportunity to enter the contest at stops in Gainesville, Hillsboro, Salado, La Salle and Laredo. | Read More

Freight Shuttle System Could Decrease Congestion, Driving Risks on I-35

Freight trucks make up 25 to 30 percent of the daytime traffic on I-35 through the Waco District, and that percentage only skyrockets at night. An innovation in freight transportation introduced this month by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute has the potential to ease congestion and other risk factors caused by the large volume of trucks on our interstate highways. Freight shipments and cargo sizes are expected to increase as Texas’ economy continues to grow. | Read More

Church Under the Bridge: A Waco Couple’s Dedication to Barrier-Free Gospel

Often symbolic of change, discovery and new beginnings, bridges are a common element in stories and poems. For I-35 at Fourth and Fifth Streets in Waco, there are thousands of untold stories underneath the bridge — where new beginnings are the constant theme. Here, the tales are raw, profound, heartwrenching and heartwarming, and many of them may make a listener uneasy — at first. | Read More

Construction updates

Section 1B: SALADO (FM 2843 to FM 2484)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed construction of the second stagecoach mural as part of the northbound mainlane retaining wall construction.
  • Installed sanitary sewer casings in six locations across FM 2268/Main St. from north of Royal Dr. to Salado Plaza Dr.
Down the Road
  • Continue construction on West Village Dr. and the southbound frontage road.
  • Continue construction on the northbound frontage road, the turnarounds, and the crossover at Salado Plaza Dr.
  • Continue construction of the new mainlanes, retaining walls, overpasses, and ramps at Salado Plaza Dr.
  • Continue constructing connections to both frontage roads at FM 2484.
  • Continue placing topsoil and seed along the mainlanes and frontage roads
  • Place final overlay on Main St./FM 2268.

Section 1C: Salado to belton (FM 2484 to us 190/fm 436)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Began demolition of the old southbound-frontage-road Lampasas River Bridge.
Down the road
  • Continue constructing the southbound access road between Loop 121 and Shanklin Rd.
  • Continue constructing the southbound mainlanes and culverts from FM 2484 to Loop 121.
  • Continue constructing the southbound frontage road from Shanklin Rd. to FM 2484.
  • Complete installing safety rails on the southbound mainlane Lampasas River Bridge.
  • Continue placing topsoil and seed along the northbound mainlanes and frontage road.
  • Complete the retaining walls and pedestrian elements at FM 436/US 190.
  • Make modifications to the traffic signals at the intersection of FM 436/US 190 and the frontage roads and place in operation.

Section 2B: TEMPLE (S. LOOP 363 TO N. LOOP 363)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Southbound exit ramp #302 (Nugent Ave.) is closed indefinitely as work on mainlanes and access road continues in this area. To access the businesses near Exit #302, travelers should use Exit #301.
  • Met with Temple District 1 residents for a construction update.
Down the Road
  • Continue constructing the retaining wall on the west side of I-35 mainlanes in the Nugent area.
  • Continue constructing the storm sewer on the southbound frontage road from BNSF Lampas-Sub Rail Road Overpass south.
  • Continue constructing the driveways/sidewalk near Avenue H.
  • Finish the concrete rail on the west side of I-35 for the Spur 290 roadway.
  • Continue constructing the retaining wall to support installation of the depressed southbound mainlane section at the south end of the project.
  • Continue installing southbound frontage road pavement south of BNSF Lampasas-Sub Railroad Overpass.
  • Continue installing the concrete rail on the southbound frontage road structures at BNSF, Belco, and Lampasas-Sub Overpasses; southbound mainlanes south of the southern Loop 363 interchange; and retaining walls south of the Central and Adams on-ramp and southbound frontage-road header.
  • Continue constructing the retaining wall on the east side of I-35 Nugent Underpass.
  • Continue installing mainlane pavement at Adams/Central intersection.
  • Continue constructing southbound mainlane pavement south of BNSF Belco Yard Overpass.
  • Continue reconstructing permanent northbound frontage road from S. Loop 363 through the Ira Young St. Interchange.
  • Close the left lane of the northbound frontage road near Nugent Ave. to allow for construction of the retaining wall in this area.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Switched traffic onto the new northbound frontage road at the south Troy bridge between FM 1237/Pendleton Rd. and FM 935/Main St.
  • Completed southbound mainlane bridge embankment and bridge substructure at FM 935/Main St. in Troy.
  • Poured the FM 935 southbound mainlane bridge deck.
  • Closed the existing southbound entrance ramp between FM 1237 and Berger/Hart Rd. and opened the new temporary entrance ramp further north.
Down the Road
  • Continue concrete paving on the southbound mainlanes.
  • Continue working on the northbound frontage road between Berger/Hart Rd. and FM 1237.
  • Close the existing southbound exit ramp to FM 935 and open the new temporary exit ramp further north.

Section 3A-2: TROY to bruceville-eddy (N. TROY CITY LIMIT to woodlawn rd.)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed tying in most new side streets along the southbound frontage road between UPRR and FM 107.
  • Began demolishing the existing northbound mainlane bridge at UPRR and begin working on the new northbound mainlane bridge.
  • Opened new Eagle Dr. southbound frontage road intersection.
  • Opened new N. Eddy intersection along the new southbound frontage road.
Down the Road
  • Continue tying in new side streets along the southbound frontage road between UPRR and FM 107.
  • Continue working on the new UPRR bridges.
  • Complete demolition of the existing northbound mainlane bridge at UPRR.
  • Continue working on the new northbound mainlane bridge at UPRR.
  • Continue building the embankment for the new southbound mainlanes from FM 107 to UPRR.
  • Continue installing drainage structures for the new northbound frontage road between Big Elm Rd. and Old Blevins.
  • Continue work on the new northbound mainlane overpass at Old Blevins.
  • Continue work on the new southbound mainlane overpass at N. Eddy.
  • Continue work on the east half of the new southbound frontage road between FM 107 and N. Eddy Dr.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed hanging permanent cantilevered signs.
  • Completed guardrail repairs at the N. Cow Bayou, S. Cow Bayou, and Woodlawn Rd. northbound mainlane bridges.
  • Held ribbon-cutting ceremony August 18, at 9:30 a.m., to celebrate completion of the mainlanes through Lorena.
Down the Road
  • Completion of highway illumination and dynamic message sign system.
  • Continue installing highway illumination.
  • Continue planting vegetation and installing sod and topsoil.
  • Complete construction of additional concrete riprap at the Callan Ranch Rd. ditch line between the southbound mainlane and southbound frontage road.
  • Repair concrete pavement in areas previously damaged by fire (eight sections).
  • Bridge beam patchwork for damage due to accidents at N. and S. FM 2837.  


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed seeding and sodding of grassy landscaped areas.
  • Completed final cleaning and punch-list items.
Down the Road
  • Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation inspection of completed handrail.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • North-to-south access roads and the turnaround from MLK Blvd. under I-35 at the UPRR crossing have been permanently closed. New access roads and railroad crossing bridges will be constructed to replace them.
  • The southbound frontage road turnaround between Forrest St. and UPRR has been closed permanently at Cherry St.
Down the Road
  • Complete installing the manholes, inlets, and lateral lines on both sides of the highway.
  • Complete retaining walls on all four quadrants of the UPRR crossing.
  • Complete pouring concrete for the abutments for both UPRR frontage-road bridges.
  • Pour bridge deck for the northbound-frontage road UPRR overpass.
  • Continue working on the Peach St. connection to southbound frontage road.