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April 2017
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Future Events Being Planned

We're now scheduling evening project-update meetings for the communities along I-35. If you'd like to have one in your area, call us and we'd be glad to get it set up for you.

May 27: I-35 Presentation

12:00 p.m.
Belton Lions Club

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Cleanup on I-35: Grones Environmental Is on the Scene

When you hear the words "hazardous material cleanup," you might think of major events like ocean oil spills or damage from natural disasters. However, I-35 often needs the services of hazardous material (HazMat) cleanup crews after an incident as well. | Read More

A Walk Down Centennial Lane: Waco Celebrates 100 Years of TxDOT

During the second week in April, Waco's TxDOT campus enjoyed the company of employees, retirees, friends and neighbors for the agency's 100th anniversary celebration. | Read More

Travel-Time Information Clearer, More Useful with I-35 Sign Change

Easier to understand travel-time information is already being displayed on dynamic message signs (DMSs) in the Waco District, and is scheduled for implementation across the state, according to Texas A&M Transportation Institute Research Scientist Bob Brydia, principal investigator on the I-35 Traveler-Information Project. | Read More

Construction updates

Section 1B: SALADO (FM 2843 to FM 2484)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

Down the Road
  • Continue placing topsoil, sod, and grass wildflower seed along the mainlanes and frontage roads.
  • Continue construction of the gateway monument at southbound mainlane/FM 2484 and the gateway monument and landscape amenity at northbound mainlane/FM 2268.
  • General clean-up throughout the project.
  • Install illumination along construction projects.

Section 1C: Salado to belton (FM 2484 to us 190/fm 436)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

Down the road
  • Continue striping and signing operations.
  • Install illumination along construction projects.
  • Begin general cleanup along project.

Section 2B: TEMPLE (S. LOOP 363 TO N. LOOP 363)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Southbound exit ramp #302 (Nugent Ave.) is closed indefinitely as work on mainlanes and access road continues in this area. To access the businesses near Exit #302, travelers should use Exit #301.
  • Completed construction on temporary pavement to move the southbound mainlane and southbound frontage road for the next phase of the BNSF railroad underpass.
  • Completed constructing the retaining wall on the west side of I-35 mainlanes in the Nugent area.
  • Completed the concrete rail on the west side of I-35 for the Spur 290 roadway.
  • Completed installing mainlane concrete pavement in the depressed section from BNSF Lampasas Sub Railroad overpass south to end of project.
  • Completed setting beams over the northbound mainlanes for the temporary railroad bridge near Spur 290.
Down the Road
  • Initiate traffic switch for the southbound mainlanes at both Lampasas Sub Overpass and Belco Yard Overpass/Nugent Underpass to the new CRCP pavement.
  • Continue constructing the driveways/sidewalk near Avenue H.
  • Continue installing the concrete rail on the southbound frontage road structures at BNSF, Belco, and Lampasas-Sub Overpasses; southbound mainlanes south of the southern Loop 363 interchange; and retaining walls south of the Central and Adams on-ramp and southbound frontage-road header.
  • Continue constructing the retaining wall on the east side of I-35 Nugent underpass.
  • Continue constructing northbound mainlane pavement at Adams/Central intersection.
  • Continue constructing southbound mainlane pavement south of BNSF Belco Yard Overpass.
  • Continue reconstructing permanent northbound frontage road from S. Loop 363 through the Ira Young Street interchange.
  • Continue constructing the BNSF Railroad underpass.
  • Begin constructing the southbound main lane pavement from the north end of the project to the BNSF rail road underpass.
  • Begin constructing the first phase of the southbound mainlane overpass at the BNSF Lampasas Sub Railroad.
  • Continue constructing Nugent Avenue Underpass.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

Down the Road
  • Continue working on the bridge embankment for the northbound mainlane bridge at Berger/Hart Rd.
  • Continue working on the northbound frontage road between Berger/Hart Rd. and FM 1237.
  • Continue working on the northbound frontage road just north of N. Loop 363.
  • Install signs for new southbound mainlanes.
  • Continue working on drainage culverts crossing northbound frontage road between FM 935 and North Troy Overpass.
  • Continue working on drainage culverts for new northbound mainlanes from Berger/Hart Rd. to North Troy Overpass.
  • Continue working on bridge embankment for northbound mainlane bridge at FM 1237, FM 935, and North Troy Bridge.
  • Continue pouring the deck for the South Troy Bridge.

Section 3A-2: TROY to bruceville-eddy (N. TROY CITY LIMIT to woodlawn rd.)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed work on the new southbound mainlane overpass at N. Eddy Drive; will open to traffic this month.
  • Opened new intersection at Old Blevins Rd. 
Down the Road
  • Begin construction on the new FM 107/southbound frontage road.
  • Continue tying in new side streets along the southbound frontage road between UPRR and FM 107.
  • Continue working on the new UPRR bridges.
  • Continue work on the new northbound mainlane overpass at Old Blevins.
  • Continue work on the east half of the new southbound frontage road between FM 107 and N. Eddy Dr.
  • Continue work on the new southbound mainlane overpass at Big Elm Rd.
  • Begin construction of the northbound mainlane bridge at Big Elm Creek.
  • Continue paving the northbound frontage road between Big Elm Rd. and FM 107.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed connection for decorative lighting on remaining two bridges.
Down the Road
  • Complete installation of the dynamic message sign system.
  • Repair concrete pavement in eight section areas previously damaged by fire (negotiations with contractor under way).
  • Complete Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations inspection repairs.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • North-to-south access roads and the turnaround from MLK Blvd. under I-35 at the UPRR crossing have been permanently closed. New access roads and railroad crossing bridges will be constructed to replace them.
  • The southbound frontage road turnaround between Forrest St. and UPRR has been closed permanently at Cherry St.
Down the Road
  • Complete installing the manholes, inlets, and lateral lines on both sides of the highway.
  • Complete retaining walls on all four quadrants of the UPRR crossing.
  • Continue working on the Peach St. connection to the southbound frontage road.
  • Continue construction of the bridge rail.
  • Continue construction of the remaining retaining walls.
  • Begin building the retaining wall for the bridge.
  • Begin building the roadway to connect to bridge.
  • Continue construction of utility lines.