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June-July 2019
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Jodi Wheatley
I-35 Information Specialist
TxDOT Waco District
100 S. Loop Dr.
Waco, TX 76704
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Future Events Being Planned

We're now scheduling evening project-update meetings for the communities along I-35. If you'd like to have one in your area, call us and we'd be glad to get it set up for you.

July 18

Open House
3:45 p.m.–5 p.m.
Waco Project 4B Steering Committee Meeting
South Waco Community Center
2815 Speight Ave.
Waco, Texas

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"Be Safe Be Seen" Helping Spread the Word about Safety for Baylor and Waco Pedestrians, Bicyclists

Staying informed about the new Waco construction project just got easier. Project 4B has started, and TxDOT has established a brand-new telephone hotline, an email address where you can send specific questions about the project and sign up for regular updates on planned construction closures and other changes that come directly to your inbox, and a text-messaging service to provide information about unexpected closures on I-35 (crashes or other problems that slow traffic on I-35). | Read More

Can Street Signs Have Personality? A Look at Unique Bridge Railings for Cities in the Waco District's I-35 Corridor

With dozens of newly constructed bridges all along the Waco District's I-35 corridor, an eye-catching street name has become part of the bridges in many of the cities along the 80-mile stretch of interstate. The names are designed to be highly visible to the motorists traveling below. | Read More

Construction updates

Section 2B: TEMPLE (S. LOOP 363 TO N. LOOP 363)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Opened all new mainlanes to traffic.
  • Completed paving the west side of the Adams/Central Ave. interchange.
  • Completed construction of various overhead sign columns and the concrete rail throughout the project.
  • Completed installing overhead sign trusses at various locations throughout the project.
  • Completed construction of the Avenue H overpass.
  • Completed pouring the northbound frontage road bridge rail over the BNSF Belco yard.
Down the Road
  • Continue construction of the BNSF underpass.
  • Continue installation of the project power grid and roadway lighting.
  • Continue signal work at 57th St., Adams/Central Ave. interchange, and Avenue H.
  • Continue final striping operations.
  • Open all frontage road lanes.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed final striping for black contrast skip lines on the northbound and southbound mainlanes.
Down the Road
  • Complete installing mailboxes added to contract.
  • Continue applying anti-graffiti treatment on bridges and retaining walls.
  • Repair the driveway at Love's.
  • Install the electric meter at Pegasus Dr. (Oncor task).
  • Complete supplying power from new meter to illumination in the area.
  • Complete the final inspection.

Section 3A-2: TROY to bruceville-eddy (N. TROY CITY LIMIT to woodlawn rd.)

Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed placement of the final asphalt layer on the Big Elm side street.
  • Installed bridge clearance signs.
  • Completed striping multipolymer skip lines and thermal edge line.
  • Began applying anti-graffiti treatment on bridges and retaining walls.
Down the Road
  • Install the decorative storefront rail at FM 107.
  • Complete installing added areas of concrete and stone riprap for culverts.
  • Complete installing mailbox posts at the northbound frontage road.
  • Complete shaping the ditches on the east side of the northbound frontage road and for the southbound frontage road.
  • Complete installing permanent signs throughout the project.
  • Continue applying anti-graffiti treatment on bridges and retaining walls.
  • Complete items on the punch list for minor repairs and cleanup.
  • Construct DMS (dynamic message sign) foundations and the cabinet at the southbound frontage road.
  • Pull electrical wires for illumination throughout the project.
  • Install DMS services.
  • Mount large ground signs L1, L2, and L3.
  • Install delineators throughout the project.
  • Conduct final yard removal and trailer removal.
  • Complete erosion control measures.
  • Complete illumination at FM 107 after railroad agreement received.


Access this section's project map (schematic).

  • Completed removal of the east 77 to south I-35 on-ramp.
  • Completed removal of the north I-35 to west 77 off-ramp.
  • Began installing temporary traffic signals.
  • Completed demolition of BUS 77 mainlane bridges.
  • Began filling median north of N. Loop 340.
  • Began drilling shafts for inside widening of N. Loop 340 overpasses.
Down the Road
  • Continue building up the northbound mainlane and shoulder to serve as temporary mainlanes later.
  • Continue work on sewer and water lines throughout the project on the southbound access road.
  • Continue work on driveway access points on the southbound access roads from N. Loop 340 southward.
  • Continue installing temporary traffic signals.
  • Continue constructing frontage road detours to shift traffic to reconstruct frontage roads.
  • Continue reconstructing/armoring northbound mainlanes inside shoulder.
  • Continue resetting temporary barrier and shifting traffic on northbound mainlanes.
  • Continue demolition of BUS 77 approaches.
  • Begin 11th/12th St. underpass demolition.
  • Continue filling median north of N. Loop 340.
  • Continue drilling shafts for inside widening of N. Loop 340 overpasses.