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Statewide Corridor Planning Overview

Interstate 35 (I-35) extends 1,568 miles from the Texas/Mexico international border in Laredo to Duluth, Minnesota, with connections to Canada. Within Texas, I-35 covers a third of that length, a distance of approximately 588 miles including I-35E and I-35W. For Texans, I-35 serves multiple purposes. As an interstate, it provides a critical north-south gateway for Texans and the Texas economy to and from destinations inside Texas, Mexico, and the rest of the United States and Canada. I-35 is also called Texas' "Main Street" because it serves local trips within and between Texas metropolitan areas. In fact, 40 percent of Texans live within the metropolitan areas along I-35. I-35 is the central north-south backbone for Texans' intrastate, interstate, and international personal travel and commerce.

A lot of work has been done on I-35 to date, and we must continue making improvements in order to keep up with the growing population and congestion and to support future economic growth. To ensure that I-35 continues to serve the needs of Texans, TxDOT has developed the I-35 Statewide Corridor Plan to identify future needs and potential projects through the year 2040, beyond those that are currently fully funded and programmed, and to lay out a path toward implementation.

I-35 Statewide Corridor Plan: A Path to 2040

I-35 Statewide Corridor Plan

The I-35 Statewide Corridor Plan identifies future needs and recommended projects through the year 2040.

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