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Working Together to Improve Mobility and Safety

My35 is a revolutionary and award-winning approach to transportation planning that puts Texas citizens in the driver's seat. Since 2008, hundreds of Texans have volunteered their time and expertise to develop a blueprint for a safer, smarter and less congested I-35.

Now the Texas Department of Transportation is working with local partners to make Texans' vision a reality.

When completed, the My35 plan will result in:

  • An improved highway transportation system better equipped to safely handle Texas' growing traffic demand
  • Less time wasted in traffic, which means less money wasted on fuel, less air pollution and a higher quality of life
  • Thousands of new Texas jobs and billions of dollars added to the Texas economy

In the face of limited funding TxDOT is working hard to leverage local and private partnerships to meet the vision outlined by Texans as part of the "My35 Study." TxDOT is also exploring strategies to efficiently utilize the existing highway by working with local transit agencies, implementing improved traveler information systems and providing travel options for commuters and other peak-period travelers.

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