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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is My35?
    My35 is a revolutionary and award-winning approach to transportation planning that puts Texas citizens in the driver’s seat. Since 2008, hundreds of Texans have volunteered their time and expertise to develop a blueprint for a safer, smarter and less congested I-35. Construction is currently underway to make Texans’ vision a reality.

  2. Why was My35 started?
    My35 was launched by the Texas Transportation Commission as a way to increase citizen participation in the transportation planning process for the I-35 corridor. Almost half of Texas’ population lives near the interstate, and it plays a major role in our state’s economy. It’s important for Texas citizens to drive the discussion about the future of I-35.

  3. Who is involved in My35?
    My35 was led by the Corridor Advisory Committee and four Segment Committees. The committee members were comprised of a diverse group of volunteers, including business professionals, environmental planners, rail advocates, educators, local officials, economic development professionals and residents.

  4. What will be the outcome of My35?
    The My35 Committees developed a detailed blueprint for the future of I-35, and construction is now underway. When completed, these projects will result in thousands of new jobs, billions of dollars added to our economy, less time wasted in traffic, less money wasted on fuel and less air pollution.

  5. When will My35 be completed?
    Dozens of My35 projects are already under construction. Many other improvements are planned but cannot begin construction until funding is identified and secured.

  6. What was the role of Segment Committees?
    The Segment Committees were charged with developing regional plans for the I-35 corridor. Specifically, Segment Committees highlighted transportation priorities and community needs, presented potential solutions for committee discussions and developed regional plans for I-35.

  7. Who were the members of the I-35 Segment Committees?
    Members included counties, metropolitan planning organizations, cities, chambers of commerce, economic development corporations, port authorities and the Texas Farm Bureau.

  8. What regions of I-35 did the Segment Committees represent?
    The My35 project divided the corridor into four regions: North Texas, Central Texas, Austin-San Antonio and South Texas. To enhance coordination, particularly through metropolitan areas, some counties and metropolitan planning organizations served on adjoining Segment Committees.

  9. How can citizens get involved?
    Public involvement is the very heart of My35. We welcome your feedback and participation.

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